Encroachments Working Group

It is necessary that the Mayor, City departments and City Council are able to understand and assess the effects a proposed encroachment could have on (1) the public right of way to facilitate free movement of pedestrians and traffic; (2) the use of public right-of-way for drainage, sewer, water, electricity, and other utilities; and (3) other property owners, if any. For these reasons, an Encroachment Working Group was formed to address proposed encroachments on the public right of way. The Encroachments Working Group was created in accordance with MCS Ordinance No. 028796.

Voting members shall include the executive directors of the following agencies (or their designee)

  • Department of Property Management-Division of Real Estate and Records
  • City Planning Commission
  • Department of Public Works
  • Sewerage and Water Board
  • Department of Safety and Permits
  • Sanitation Department
  • Department of Parks and Parkways
  • New Orleans Recreation Department (If Applicable)
  • New Orleans Fire Department
  • Historic District Landmarks Commission (If Applicable)
  • Vieux Carre Commission (If Applicable)
  • Entergy


EWG meetings are held twice a month.  Real Estate & Records (RER) has one lead specialist handling encroachments.  Once an applicant connects with RER’s lead specialist, the specialist will guide you through the process. 

Note that Encroachments Working Group meeting will only be held when matters are submitted that require review pursuant to the Encroachment Ordinance (28796 MCS). Thus, it may not be necessary to convene a meeting on each scheduled meeting date.

View the 2024 EWG calendar


Requirements to Get on The EWG agenda

All encroachments over the right of way require a servitude/lease agreement, unless deemed historic by the VCC/HDLC. The first step in the process is to have your plans reviewed by the Encroachments Working Group known as EWG.   Below you will find the site plan requirements needed by Real Estate to get on the EWG agenda as well as the required preliminary documentation needed to draft the servitude/lease once all approvals are released by the EWG group. 

To get on the EWG Agenda please provide:

The EWG Site Plan Requirements:

  • The dimensions including the width and depth of ALL the encroachments (new and existing) over the property line, 
  • The distance from the both the property line to the street curb and the distance from the edge of the steps to the street curb,
  • The height of the encroachments from grade (if roof overhang, awning, balcony, etc.),
  • Note any trees on the right-of-way, as well as utility poles, catch basin, planter boxes, fire hydrant, light poles, etc..
  • The names of the four block boundary streets on the plan,
  • Depict the sidewalk, show its width, and show the distance from edge of sidewalk to face of street curb. (ADA path of travel)
  • Footings stamped by a licensed structural engineer (if applicable)

Supporting Documents

*Please note: Once the Servitude/Lease is drafted, it must be reviewed by the Law Department before it is sent to the applicant for signature and payment.

Please contact Real Estate & Records at Encroachments@nola.gov with any questions or comments pertaining to EWG.