DPW Main Division

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1300 Perdido Street 6W03 New Orleans, LA 70112


Engineering Division

(504) 658-8000
1300 Perdido Street 6W03 New Orleans, LA 70112

The Engineering Division provides engineering, technical and administrative services for planning, developing and executing of capital improvement projects involving the City's major, and minor streets and off-system bridges. This division is also responsible for reviewing all proposed subdivision plans and establishing the departmental technical and engineering policies for street rights-of-way according to the City Code. 

Ground Transportation Bureau

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1300 Perdido St 6W03 New Orleans, LA 70112


The Ground Transportation Bureau office is closed to the public. All applications must be emailed to Payments may be paid online or mailed to our office.

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Maintenance Division

(504) 658-8151 (504) 658-8152
755 S. Norman C Francis Pkwy New Orleans, LA 70119

This division is responsible for repairs to potholes and depressions in the City's streets and does maintenance work on overpasses and bridges. Maintenance also provides periodic cleaning of surfaces and catch basins, thereby eliminating standing water. The team also grades ditches and installs American with Disabilities Act-compliant ramps at intersections. 

Parking Division

(504) 658-8200 (504) 658-8250
1300 Perdido Street 2W89 New Orleans, LA 70112 View on map

Hours of Operation: 8am-5pm (Monday - Friday)
Cashiering: 9am–4pm
Residential Parking Permit: 8am-4pm (Monday - Friday)

This division is responsible for enforcement of the City ordinances in regard to public safety by managing curb space (on-street parking) in certain densely populated areas. Measures include ticketing and towing violating vehicles, immobilize vehicles, and towing abandoned vehicles. This division is also responsible for establishing and managing residential parking zones throughout the City.

Street Lights

The Street Lights Division ensures the safety and welfare of citizens by providing street lighting maintenance and related services throughout the City and to certain public facilities. There are over 50,000 streetlights in the City.

Traffic Division

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1300 Perdido Street 6W03 New Orleans, LA 70112

The Traffic Division manages the City's traffic engineering functions by maintaining and replacing pavement markings, and maintaining, replacing, installing and repairing street signs (name and directional) and traffic signals. This division is responsible for issuing street closure permits and other related permits.