BRASS: Our Procurement And Finance System

Supplier Portal and Contract Search

Supplier Portal

To register as a supplier or to access your account as a vendor, click on the below link entitled “Visit the Supplier Portal.”

  •  Register as a supplier
  •  Select commodities and services related to your business
  •  Receive automatic online notifications of ITQs, ITBs, RFPs and RFQs
  •  Submit bids online
  •  View purchase orders and invoices

Contract Search

For a list of city contracts, please visit the “Contract Search” portal using the link entitled “Search contracts.”

  •  Search contracts
  •  View contracts


We encourage you to review these presentations in order to familiarize yourself with BRASS:


If you are experiencing difficulties in the BRASS Supplier Portal such as issues resetting your password or uploading an invoice, or problems making changes to any information on you supplier account, request assistance using the link below.

Request BRASS Supplier Assistance 

Terms and Conditions

A purchase order forms a contract between the City of New Orleans and the vendor identified on the Order. Download the City of New Orleans Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

New Supplier Basics

New suppliers desiring to provide goods and services must register to use this portal to gain to access the solicitations issued by our office.  The registration is free and immediate.
Record Maintenance
New suppliers and existing vendors should print and maintain a permanent file copy of their registration as originally submitted for use as its internal record and reference for periodic review, as well as any subsequent changes/updates.
Notification of Solicitations
Once registered, new suppliers will normally receive solicitations for the listed commodities as appropriate; however, registration does not guarantee your automatic inclusion as a bidder/respondent for all applicable solicitations.
Invoice and Payment
BRASS replaces the legacy paper supplier process.  All suppliers requiring payment for goods or services must register in BRASS in order to submit invoices against a PO or a Contract/Agreement and receive payment for goods or services rendered.
Invoice Requirements
The PO number and/or the Contract/Agreement number must be listed on the invoice.  Those numbers are essential in order to avoid payment delays.
Electronic Payment
To ensure faster and more efficient payment to vendors, the City strongly encourages new suppliers and current vendors to sign up for ACH if they have not done already. Go “Online Forms” on our office’s webpage to obtain the form.

Supplier FAQ


What is a supplier?
Any individual, company, or organization that registers on the Supplier Portal.
What is a vendor?
Any individual, company, or organization that will receive a purchase order from the City and/or sign a contract/service agreement with the City.
What are the benefits of registering as a supplier in BRASS?
You can respond to all informal and formal solicitations. All payments are issued to vendors. The registration process allows you to provide company, diversity, and other information through a secure web site. As a registered supplier, you can maintain the current information about you or your business.
Does it cost anything to register as a supplier?
No.  There is no registration fee.
What if I forgot my login?
The supplier/vendor should click Forgot User Name link on the main page of the supplier portal. A box appears to enter an email address in order to get instructions on resetting your login.
What if I forgot my password?
The supplier/vendor should click the Sign-In link on the main page of the supplier portal.  The sign-in option will appear and you should click Forgot Password. A security question will appear and you will answer and link to instructions to reset your password.
Who can I contact for questions relating to registration?
All BRASS Portal questions should be sent to or call (504) 658-1550.


What is an Event?
An event is a solicitation posted by the City (Invitation to Quote, Invitation to Bid, Request for Information, Request for Proposals, or Request for Qualifications).
Can I view an event without registering as a supplier?
Yes.  You are not required to view events.
May I place a proposal/bid without registering as a supplier?
No.  You cannot place a bid without being a supplier.
How will I be notified of upcoming events after my company has been registered?
Whenever a new event becomes available based on the commodities you selected, you will be sent an e-mail notification directing you to the Supplier Portal, where you can view event information.

Purchase Order

How do I receive a Purchase Order?
You will receive your purchase order via email.  Please be sure that the Supplier Portal has your current email address.


Where do I send an invoice?
You must submit your invoice electronically via the Supplier Portal.
Can I submit several invoices at one time?
No.  You can only submit one invoice at one time in one attachment.
Can I add supporting documents with the invoice?
Yes.  One attachment can contain the invoice and its supporting documentation.
What if I do not have a purchase order or contract number?
Please submit your invoice via the Supplier Portal by selecting the “Order Management” tab and choose the option “Create Invoices.”  Then select “Expense” as the type of invoice being created and you will be directed to the screens to describe it, attach it, and submit your invoice.
What happens if Accounts Payable receives an invoice without a Purchase Order Number or Contract Number?
First, the City requires that all orders have a purchase order number or a contract number before shipment of product and/or before rendering of any services.  Invoices received without this information may NOT be paid.  Second, an invoice will not be reviewed until it is submitted via the Supplier Portal.  When submitted, Accounts Payable will research the reason(s) and contact the department and the vendor connected to the invoice at issue.


How do I receive direct deposit payments (ACH) from the City?
You can establish direct deposit by entering banking information in the BRASS Supplier Portal. 
Where can I find instructions on establishing ACH?
If you are a prospective supplier, you will be asked to enter banking information during the registration process. If you are a vendor, follow the instructions posted on the Supplier Portal on "How to Update Banking Information." 
When does the ACH payment take effect?
First, you must be a vendor (see "Registration" for the meaning of "vendor"). Then, the Bureaus of Purchasing and Treasury must update your vendor account profile with the banking information in order to activate the ACH payment. ACH payment will apply to the invoice that you submit through the portal AFTER ACH activation is completed by the Bureaus of Purchasing AND Treasury. 
Can I notify the City that I entered my banking information?
If you have a Purchase Order or a Service Contract with a specific city department, you can notify the department. The Department will relay this information to the Bureaus of Purchasing and Treasury. If you do not have a contact with a specific department, you can email the Bureau of Purchasing at with the following subject line: Supplier Portal - ACH Enrollment - Notification (please provide: full name of supplier, supplier account number, and date of enrollment).


What is an NIGP code?
NIGP (National Institute of Governmental Purchasing) codes are codes that correlate with your commodity or service. Codes are made up of a major class and a minor class. The major class is the broader category while the minor class is the more specific subcategory. It is important for suppliers/vendors to be thorough when selecting codes to ensure they receive as many accurate solicitations as possible.
Is the City tax exempt?
Yes. The City is an instrumentality of the State of Louisiana and is therefore exempt from sales tax in the State of Louisiana and is exempt from certain Federal excise taxes.  Requests from suppliers for tax exemption form must be submitted to the Director’s Office of the Department of Finance.


Need assistance with BRASS? 

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