French Quarter and DDD Sanitation Rules and Regulations

Solid Waste

French Quarter solid waste must be properly containerized in garbage receptacles with tight-fitting lids or placed in fastened, 3.0 mil (Commercial properties) or 0.5 mil or greater (residential), thick, black plastic bags. 

Cardboard boxes are not to be used as waste containers.  Cardboard must be broken down and placed in containers or black bags.  Solid waste containers and bags are not to block sidewalks. It is important that residents and businesses place any solid waste containers curbside as close as possible to the starting times for collection.  


City-issued roll carts are mandatory for all eligible properties that do not have an approved exemption request on file with the Department of Sanitation.  

The City continues to make allowances for properties that do not have space to store roll carts off the public right-of-way, for persons with disabilities, and for the elderly.  Properties with an approved exemption on file are allowed to use thick (3 ply or 0.5 mil or greater) black plastic bags.  Section 138-38 of the City Code requires that exemption requests be submitted to the Department of Sanitation (

It is unlawful to place or permit carts to remain adjacent to the curb when not placed for collection.  Carts are to be stored on the user’s property so as not to interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic along sidewalks, streets, and other rights-of-way.

Litter and Debris

Property owners are responsible for the removal of litter, leaves, debris, etc. on the public sidewalk extending 1-1/2’ from the curb.  Items are not to be swept, blown or dumped from private property onto the public rights-of-way or into storm drains.

Hotels, Businesses and Large Properties

The following type of properties are not eligible for collection by the City of New Orleans: (1) Hotels, restaurants, or bars; (2) Properties containing more than four units; (3) small businesses which generate more than 35 gallons of solid waste at each regular collection.  These properties must arrange for private collection service and file a Litter Abatement application with the Sewerage and Water Board.

Bulky Waste

Bulky waste is only collected from eligible, residential properties on Wednesdays by appointment.  French Quarter residents can contact 311 to arrange bulky waste pick-up. All permanent dumpsters must be screened from public view.