About Us

The Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD) oversees certification, compliance, training, outreach and capacity building for the City of New Orleans' Equal Business Opportunities (EBO) Program.  Anchored by the State and Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SLDBE) Certification Program, the City's EBO Program is designed to mitigate the effects of past and present social and economic disadvantage, and discrimination by increasing the utilization of disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) in the procurement of goods and services by the City of New Orleans.

The Office of Supplier Diversity does not advocate set-asides for DBEs, or the hiring of DBE firms that do not perform a commercially useful function. Instead the OSD supports plans that allow DBE firms to get their fair share of procurement opportunities based on their availability, competency, capacity and willingness to work with the City of New Orleans. The office promotes strategies that foster an environment where prime contractors and DBE firms can form joint ventures, teaming agreements and mentor-protégé relationships to bid and perform successfully on contracts.

The programs and services provided through the Office of Supplier Diversity are a direct response by the City of New Orleans to help DBE firms overcome challenges while helping to build a better New Orleans.

Our Mission

The Office of Supplier Diversity is dedicated to creating and implementing programs, policies and procedures that assist underserved, under-utilized and disadvantaged businesses with gaining greater access to procurement opportunities and resources to build competitively viable and sustainable businesses in and for the City of New Orleans.

Our Vision

The Office of Supplier Diversity's vision is to develop a national model for local governments on how to deliver and capture value through supplier diversity.

Our Values

The Office of Supplier Diversity is committed to acting honestly and ethically in all our transactions and dealings. We are committed to treating everyone with whom we encounter fairly and respectfully. We are committed to acting thoughtfully and responsibly for the City and citizens of New Orleans.

Our Key Objectives

The Office of Supplier Diversity will concentrate efforts on improving its effectiveness in four key areas:

  1. Increase the number of available and capable certified DBE firms for the City of New Orleans;
  2. Increase the number and the dollar amount of procurements with City of New Orleans certified DBE firms;
  3. Improve compliance and monitoring of DBE participation on City of New Orleans contracts; and
  4. Help certified DBE firms build more competitively viable and sustainable businesses for the benefit of the City and the citizens of New Orleans.