Vieux Carré Boundaries & Building Designations

There are many different historical districts inside the City of New Orleans. The Vieux Carré Commission oversees the area pictured on the map below, which is bounded by Iberville St., N. Rampart St., Esplanade Ave., and the Mississippi River.

Both the National Register and the VCC recognize that there are some properties that have greater historical and/ or architectural significance than others. To distinguish the range of historical and/or architectural significance, every building and property (resource) within the Vieux Carré Historic District has been classified with a color rating. Based upon the color rating, alterations to a property will fall into one of three review process levels under these Guidelines:

  • Level 1: A resource that is of national or major architectural or historical importance (a Purple or Blue rated property)
  • Level 2: A resource that is an integral component of the District because it is of local architectural or historical importance or adds to the District’s character (a Green, Pink or Yellow rated property)
  • Level 3: A resource that is an unrated 20th century construction or that has objectionable or no architectural or historic importance (an Orange or Brown rated property)