Violations on a Property

Violation Types

Staff inspectors survey buildings in the Vieux Carré to ensure work in progress conforms to specifications listed on posted permit(s). Any work not "permitted" in advance by the Commission will be cited and/or stopped accordingly. Violations include:

  • any exterior work executed without a permit
  • improper or illegally placed signs
  • lack of maintenance to the exterior of buildings including but not limited to deteriorated millwork, missing stucco, deterioration or lack of mortar, lack of paint, missing or deteriorated architectural elements, missing/broken windows, illegally placed merchandise, etc.

While there is an outstanding violation on a property, no One Stop Shop permits (either from the VCC or Department of Safety & Permits) will be issued for the property unless the permit is for correcting an unsafe condition or to resolve the cited violations.

Stop Work Order

On the occasion that work on the exterior of a property commences without benefit of review or a permit from the VCC, a STOP WORK ORDER may be placed on the property. This is a legal order that all persons cease, desist from, and stop work at once pertaining to construction alterations, additions, or installations on the premises.

All persons acting contrary to this order or removing or mutilating the notice posted on the property are liable to summary arrest unless such action is authorized by the Vieux Carré Commission. The removal of a STOP WORK ORDER requires a public, Commission hearing and approval by the Commission.

​Violation Proceedings 

When a violation is noted, the owner of the property is notified in writing and requested to contact the Commission in order to resolve the problem. Staff is available to assist the property owner in understanding the policies and regulations of the Commission.

If these violations are not remedied within thirty (30) days, the Vieux Carré Commission is empowered under Section 166-123 of the Code of the City of New Orleans to prosecute or have prosecuted such violations of the article in municipal court of the City of New Orleans or other courts of competent jurisdiction, either civil or criminal. Violations of any such provisions of this Code may be punished by a fine, and in extreme cases imprisonment for not more than five months, or both. Furthermore, such violations will result in denial of the annual renewal of your Alcoholic Beverage License (ABO), if applicable. 

Violation Notice

After investigating a complaint of a potential violation, the VCC sends a Notice of Violation to the owner of the property.

Do not ignore this letter, even if the violation predates your ownership or control of the property.

In most cases, a building owner can correct a violation by obtaining a permit from the Commission and performing the work authorized by the permit. Please note that in some cases, the Commission will require that the illegal work be modified, removed, or replaced.

If the property owner fails to respond to the violation notice or is unwilling to correct the problem, the Commission files an affidavit of charges against parties responsible for the violations with the City's Administrative Adjudication Bureau and/or the applicable court(s). Notices of Hearing will be posted on the property prior to the hearing, and copies sent by certified mail.