JOB1's goal in Business Services is to develop a strong partnership with the business community to establish a highly competitive workforce. Our goal with each employer is to make his or her business more successful by providing services and programs to help recruit, train, and retain the best employees.

Employer Services include:

  • Employee Recruitment Services
  • On-the-Job Training- Wage subsidies to employers for costs associated with training   employees on the job for up to six months.
  • Customized Training- Training designed to meet the special requirements of an employer or group of employers.   The employer must commit to employ or continue to employ an individual upon successful completion of the training.
  • Interview Space at the Career Center
  • Employment and Labor Market Statistics
  • Information on Tax Incentives
  • Employee Skills Information
  • Assessment of Incumbent Worker Skills
  • Employee Lay-Off Assistance

Business Outreach

  • Business Networking and Educational Events
  • Business Advisory Councils - employer forums
  • Collaboration and partnerships with Regional, State, and Local Business and Economic Development Organizations
  • Job Fairs

Online Resources

The Louisiana Virtual One Stop System (www.laworks.net) has a host of information relevant to employers including information on:

  • Labor Market Including Wage Trends and Skills Information
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Labor Market
  • Youth Employment
  • Occupational Licensing
  • Filing Quarterly Wage Reports
  • Form 77 / Separation Notice
  • ONET

Asset Protection

OSHA Consultation 

Worksite safety and review available to businesses to ensure they meet federal guidelines

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Tax credit offered to businesses that hire from targeted populations

Rapid Response

Provides transitional assistance to businesses and workers targeted for significant layoffs.

For more info, visit JOB1NOLA.org