Living Wage Ordinance

Under the city’s new Living Wage Ordinance, covered employees are required to receive a living wage and receive compensated leave. To comply with the ordinance, Covered Employers are required to:

  1. Pay living wage of $15 an hour to its covered employees
  2. Permit covered employees to take at least seven days per year of compensated leave
  3. Post notice in a prominent place regarding the applicability of the Living Wage Ordinance in every workplace in which covered employees are working that is within the employer’s custody and control.

Living Wage Ordinance Rules and Regulations

In accordance with the Living Wage Ordinance, the current living wage per the Consumer Price Index data is $15.

Please contact 504-658-4500 or with questions and concerns.

Reporting Potential Violations

If you witness or experience a potential violation of workforce program rules or legislation, please inform the Office of Workforce Development immediately using the online form below or in-person at:

  • 1307 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd New Orleans, LA

Formal Complaints

Submitting your contact information allows our team to follow up for any clarification needed during investigation. We will reach out to both you and the contractor in question before making final determinations.

Anonymous Complaints

You can also file anonymously. However, our ability to gather further case details may face limitations affecting conclusive outcomes without reporter contact info.

Our goal is always rectifying issues responsibly to empower compliant, ethical services advancing careers. Details aid oversight so please share to strengthen transparency around public programming. But no concern is too small when it comes to public integrity in systems empowering community prosperity.

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