New Orleans Redevelopment Authority

The New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) is a catalyst for the revitalization of the city, partnering in strategic developments that celebrate the city’s neighborhoods and honor its traditions. NORA’s revitalization approach is focused on four core areas:


NORA has invested $34 million in the development of affordable housing in residential neighborhoods across the city to ensure that New Orleans remains a desirable and vibrant place to live for residents of all income levels. By providing financing and/or land, we partner with housing developers, non-profit and for-profit to build attractive, energy efficient, and hazard resilient homes in underinvested neighborhoods.


NORA has invested $11 million in key corridors, leveraging ten dollars in private investment for every one dollar of NORA investment. NORA also provides grant funding for placemaking projects to support the transformation of underused public spaces into compelling, accessible, and walkable destinations.


NORA owns approximately 2,100 properties across the city, and is committed to being a responsible steward to help stabilize neighborhoods and encourage new investment. NORA has become a leader in using vacant properties for a variety of redevelopment goals, such as reducing flooding in neighborhoods, beautifying vacant lots, and providing opportunities for the community to use our lots for greening projects.


NORA is leading resilience planning efforts through the implementation of the world’s first city resilience strategy—Resilient New Orleans. The resilience strategy proposes actions to adapt our city to our changing natural environment, invest in equity, create flexible and reliable systems, and prepare for future shocks.