Special Event Promoter Permit

Special Event Permit

A Special Event permit is required for anyone who acts as a:

  • Itinerant (Roaming) Vendor
  • Stationary/Trade Show Vendor
  • Promoter
  • Sporting Event Vendor
  • Alcoholic Beverages being sold or distributed at a special event



Vendors must wait until after their event promoter/organizer has applied for permits before applying as a vendor at the event.


Fees are based on type of activity, what is being sold and amount of gross sales. Click here for the City of New Orleans code, including more information about fees.

Required Documents

  • Promoters, not individual vendors, must first obtain the approval City Council member in whose district the event will be taking place. The Council District will be notified electronically by our internal system to review. However, if the event is expected to be particularly large, loud, or disruptive the promoter may wish to discuss the event with the Councilmember prior to application. 
  • Complete the Master Event Application
  • Supplement A - Special Event Promoter/Vendor
  • Supplement G - Safety and Security
  • Lease or Property/Land Authorization agreement
  • Vendor List: The list must include: business trade name, mailing address, contact person, contact phone number
  • Bond Requirements: [for profit only]:$10,000 performance bond is required if three {3} or more vendors are participating (Promoter ONLY)


One bond is required “per event” and is specifically based on the “total” number of vendors you have. The cost of the bond is regulated by the company in which the bond is purchased, not by the City of New Orleans.  

There are 3 different types of bonds. The “Cash” bond is via certified funds only, payable to the City of New Orleans. However, the “Performance” Bond and “Surety” Bond can be purchased through an Insurance Company or Bond Company, not through the City of New Orleans.

Listed on the bond should be the following: Itinerant/Transient/All Vendors-Merchant Bond. The vendors list of ALL participants is required as well and should be forwarded to us via email.

Only the “cash” bond up to no more than 3 vendors should be $250 per vendor (by certified funds), $10,000, bond for 20 or fewer vendors,  $20,000, bond for 40 or more vendors OR for 21-39 vendors, $500 times the number of vendors.

However, no bond should be for less than $10,000 nor more than $20,000, except the cash bond.

  • Plan/contract to dispose of all waste 
  • Apply online at the One Stop App or submit all documents to the Department of Safety & Permits, 1340 Poydras St, Suite 800, New Orleans, LA 70112

You May Also Need

Depending on the details of your event/show, you may need to fill out and submit additional supplements or documents. Please start by completing the Master Event Application and as indicated:

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