Administering Recruitment for City Government Personnel

The New Orleans Civil Service Department holds responsibility for directing hiring processes and overall workforce talent administration across municipal agencies. Our duty focuses on equitable, outcomes-based recruiting that continuously supplies the diverse specialist skills allowing local government to excel serving communities.

We post openings for in-demand public service roles through the official City Jobs portal at Visit frequently for the latest opportunities to make positive civic impacts across fields matching your unique capabilities.

Additionally, we guide collective bargaining protocols, classify positions accurately based on credentials and specializations, institute meaningful professional development pathways for employee advancement, and ensure appointments mirror community diversity.


Persons wishing more information on how to apply and on which applications we are currently accepting should contact our Recruitment Division at 504-658-3516."


Shana Parker, Personnel Administrator, (504) 658-3502

This division responds to the personnel staffing needs of City agencies. The Testing Section recruits applicants, screens all applications, administers and scores the examinations and prepares lists of eligible candidates. The Certification Section maintains registers of eligible candidates and certifies them to appointing authorities to fill vacancies or to promote existing employees.

Classification & Compensation Division

Robert Hagmann, Personnel Administrator, (504) 658-3520

Classification & Compensation is responsible for the maintenance of a uniform and equitable system of job classification and compensation. The staff of this division conducts job audits of positions, performs salary and fringe benefit surveys and investigates complaints regarding inappropriate assignment or compensation. This division also receives, processes, updates and maintains personnel forms and records for City employees.

Test Development & Validation Division

This division formulates, develops and validates examination procedures and determines the best measures to use in assessing the knowledge, skills and abilities of prospective candidates for employment and promotion.

Management Services Division

Doddie Smith, Personnel Administrator, (504) 658-3543

Management Services is responsible for coordinating the employee appeal process before the Civil Service Commission. This division is also responsible for the review of personal and professional services contracts for compliance with Civil Service Rules.


Doddie Smith, Personnel Administrator, (504) 658-3543

Public & Employee Relations provides information to employees, departments, and the public concerning the functions and activities of the Civil Service Commission and department. This division is involved in the development of programs to address specific problems and grievances of City employees. This division provides information to departments to keep employees informed of current policies and programs that affect their employment. Coordination of public records requests, employee elections and substance abuse testing are also a part of this division.


Employee Growth and Development coordinates and develops programs for employee personal and professional growth and development. These programs include training modules which are specifically job related and are designed as vehicles for promotion and advancement. This division also administers the employee performance appraisal process.