Charter Party Carrier (Party Bus)

A Charter Party Carrier (CP), or “party bus” is a motor vehicle specially configured to accommodate a party on the motor vehicle itself. Vehicle amenities may include greater floor space, the addition of a bar to serve food or beverages, flat-screen televisions, DVD players, enhanced audio system, karaoke equipment, DJ equipment, smoke machines, laser lights, disco lights, strobe lights or dance poles. The CPNC holder may provide transportation to a group of people known to each other, or only to individuals that have no relationship to one another. 

A party bus requires a Charter Party (CP) CPNC when transporting passengers on the streets of New Orleans. Additionally, each driver requires a driver's permit.

Vehicle Requirements

All inspection standards of for-hire vehicles required pursuant to Chapter 162 of the City Code shall be applicable to CP vehicles.

  • No vehicle may be placed into CP CPNC service which is greater than 25- years of age, unless physical and mechanical soundness can be demonstrated to the Department of Safety and Permits.
  • Vehicles are required to have been designed and manufactured for passenger service. Use of institutional, freight, or other service-type vehicles is prohibited.
  • Open-topped and double-decked vehicles are prohibited from service as a CP vehicle.
  • Any vehicle which has undergone after-market electrical alterations to support enhanced lighting, video screens, or other equipment not traditionally found in a vehicle, such alterations shall be subject to inspection by the Electrical Inspection Division of the Department of Safety and Permits
  • The vehicle must be equipped with a fire extinguisher marked with the vehicle CPNC number and the location of such equipment shall be marked and clearly visible.
  • The vehicle must be properly marked with the company’s name displayed in letters not less than 6” on both sides of vehicle. Lettering must be painted or otherwise permanently attached (no magnetic signs).
  • The CPNC number must be displayed in letters/numbers not less than 4”, located on the rear quarter panel behind tires on both sides of vehicle. 

Insurance Requirements

  • Insurance Requirements: Insurance. The holder of a CP CPNC shall file with the Bureau, and keep in effect at all times, a policy of insurance with an insurance company licensed to do business in the State of Louisiana. At a minimum, the policy must provide the following coverage: 
    • For vehicles up to 15-passengers: $1,500,000 Combined Single Limit coverage.
    • For vehicles with a seating capacity of 16 or more passengers: $5,000,000 Combined Single Limit coverage.
    • All Charter Party Carriers shall carry $1,000,000 in General Liability coverage. 

Driver’s Permit

Any person operating a party bus requires an Operator’s Permit issued by the Department of Safety and Permits. The driver must be properly licensed by the State of Louisiana to operate a commercial vehicle, based on the vehicle's size and/or gross vehicle weight rating.

Operational Requirements

In addition to operational standards found within the City Code relative to all for-hire vehicles, any vehicle operating pursuant to a CP CPNC shall abide by the following operational limitations at all times

  • Alcohol Service - No CP operator may provide alcohol for consumption by passengers unless the company holding such CPNC has been issued a license as an Alcoholic Beverage Outlet pursuant to State law and the City Code.
    • Operators may allow passengers to bring alcohol aboard such vehicles; however, the operator shall be responsible for:
      • Verifying that all passengers are 21 years of age or older.
      • If passengers are under 21-years of age, a chaperone must be designated for the duration of the chartered transportation period and shall:
        • Sign a form, to be established by the Director of Safety and Permits for such purpose, which outlines the duties and responsibilities of the chaperone.
        • Notify the driver if, at any time during the trip, a person under 21 years of age consumes alcohol.
    • If the driver or operator of the CP vehicle discovers or is informed that a passenger under 21 years of age has consumed alcohol on the vehicle during the chartered transportation period, the driver or operator must immediately stop the trip and return to the point of origin.
  • Closed doors - All doors of the CP vehicle shall be closed and secured at all times the vehicle is in motion. Passengers may not be permitted to open the primary door or any emergency doors at any time during the chartered transportation period.
  • Noise - Vehicles are required to abide by any and all noise regulations of the City of New Orleans.
    • In addition to the standards of the City Code, music or other amplified sound generated by equipment or devices within the vehicle shall not be plainly and clearly audible at a distance of 15’ from the CP vehicle.
  • Operating in the Vieux Carré
    • No vehicle in excess of thirty-one (31) feet in total vehicle length may operate in the Vieux Carré, which is defined as the area within the lake side of Decatur Street, the downriver side of Esplanade Avenue, the river side of North Rampart Street, and the downriver side of Canal Street.
    • Vehicles between twenty (20) and thirty-one (31) feet in length are restricted to those streets designed for such use in the Approved Streets Plan.