Connecting to Care in New Orleans

We're here to simplify things by providing a list to the comprehensive support resources available across New Orleans. Our goal is to connect you to the full range of resources that can address both your immediate needs and long-term wellbeing.

Help in a Crisis

If you are experiencing a crisis or need information on available services, please see visit the link below.

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Emergency Shelters

Emergency shelters provide immediate, short-term housing for those in crisis. Shelters may offer additional services like meals, counseling, and access to case managers to assist in securing stable housing.

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Clinics offering free or low-cost medical care, mental healthcare, and substance abuse treatment serve those without health insurance.

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Food Assistance

Food pantries, soup kitchens, and meal programs are available across New Orleans to help ensure reliable access to nutritious meals.

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Resource Centers Locations

This Resource Centers provides a hubs in the community where individuals can access basic services and support at different locations.

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