Office of Recruitment

The New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) is comprised of a diverse work force and is actively recruiting qualified people who have a strong desire to be of service to the community.

Mission Statement: The NOFD will respond to all emergency situations in the City of New Orleans to protect and save life and property. Further, the Department will strive to reduce the incidence of fire and the loss of life and injuries to civilians and fire personnel.

As you can see our mission is to protect the community from the devastating effects of fire. Of course, one of those methods is to extinguish them but, we are more cost-effective when we are “proactive” in preventing them. Therefore our ultimate goal is to prevent as many fires as possible and put into place systems which allow for the earliest detection of fires rather than simply waiting until they occur.  We do this to avoid greater loss of life, property and potential injuries to both firefighters and the residents we serve.                         

I encourage anyone who is interested in furthering this important mission to join this distinguished organization and help us to keep the City of New Orleans safe.

Roman Nelson, Superintendent of Fire


The New Orleans Fire Department is seeking individuals who are presently certified firefighters:

Guide to Joining the New Orleans Fire Department