The Department of Public Works’ Maintenance Division is responsible for filling potholes . Since May 2010, the City has filled over 360,000 potholes.

  • In 2011, DPW filled 54,637 potholes.
  • In 2012, DPW filled 60,401 potholes.
  • In 2013, DPW filled 31,100 potholes.
  • In 2014, DPW filled 25,348 potholes.
  • In 2015, DPW filled 78,054 potholes .
  • In 2016. DPW filled 114,876 potholes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a pothole?

You can call 311 at any time or report the issue online at nola.gov/311. The 311 Service Request will record the location of the pothole and issue you a ticket number. That ticket will then be sent to the Department of Public Works’ Maintenance Division to evaluate and address.

What information do I need to report a pothole?

When reporting a pothole, please be prepared to provide your name and phone number in case additional information about your complaint is needed at a later date. Please also provide the nearest physical address of the pothole and the cross streets.

I reported a pothole to 311 but it wasn’t fixed. Why not?

Some potholes are caused by utility, cable or water lines that run beneath the roadway. If DPW determines the pothole you reported was caused by another entity, the department will refer the repair to that agency to address.

How do I follow up on a pothole I reported?

You can call 311 to get an update on the status of your pothole or check the service ticket number online at nola.gov/311. Please provide your ticket number to the 311 Customer Service Agent.

The City’s ability to fill a pothole may be limited by the budget.