Traffic Camera Safety Program

The City of New Orleans operates the Traffic Camera Safety Program to deter red light violations, reduce speeding violations, increase traffic situational awareness and reduce collision severity. 

Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s 2019 budget began the process of restructuring the City’s traffic camera safety program to focus on enhancing public safety. Specifically, the budget called for the elimination of the majority of non-school zone cameras and the limiting of school zone cameras to operate only during school zone hours.

Over 75 percent of individuals who receive a traffic safety camera citation and pay it do not get another citation. Only 36 of the City’s 203 Private/Public schools (18 percent) are covered by a traffic safety camera.

The City receives daily requests to install new traffic safety cameras from residents and neighborhoods in response to speeding.

Mobile Traffic Units (MTUs) are deployed at locations throughout the City to supplement and support traffic enforcement by the NOPD. The vehicles are wrapped and look similar to NOPD vehicles.

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