Local Special Event

A one off or recurring special event that attracts mostly local or community visitors, has low local media coverage and minimal economic benefit within the municipality or region.

Download the Special Events Permit Guide for more information about permitting requirements.


Characteristics may include one or more of the following criteria:

  • Use of single community or local venue or site;
  • Event with a small footprint (i.e. zero to few street closures, limited area or use of public right-of-way, little or no traffic redirection/routing)
  • Expected attendance of less than 5000;
  • One to two points of governmental agency interaction (i.e.  visit One Stop Shop, approval from City Council member); and
  • Cost of between $25 and $1,500 in City services, staff time and equipment use.

Examples include a local block party, second line/parade, a local adult soccer club wishes to host a tournament and end of season party in their local park, a high school wishing to hold a neighborhood parade to celebrate the football team's championship win, or a wedding. 

Additional Requirements & Considerations

  • Organizers are required to have a sanitation (clean-up) plan if the event includes throws and/or debris are produced
  • While your event may not require emergency medical coverage, we suggest event organizers to use EMS personnel during the summer 

Special Event Types

  • Wedding
  • Parade / Second-Line
  • Festival
  • Race / Marathon
  • Market
  • Trade Show
  • Outdoor Concert
  • Block Party
  • Professional Sporting Event