Tent / Canopy / Temporary Membrane Structure Permit

ALL tents, canopies and structures erected in Orleans Parish require a review by the Fire Prevention Division of the New Orleans Fire Department, flame retardant certificate and a plot plan. Permits are granted by the Fire Prevention Division of the New Orleans Fire Department. A minimum 2A 10BC fire extinguisher is also required under each structure.  The fire extinguisher must be properly tagged. 

ANY cooking operation conducted requires an exhaust hood, fire extinguisher, and the review of the Plan Examiner. Depending on the size, layout and complexity of the structure, a fire watch may be required. The total fees for the fire watch depend on the complexity of the cooking operations, which is determined after reviewing the plot plan, and by the rank of the NOFD firewatch personnel, the number of individuals required, and the amount of time they are needed.  A fire watch is coordinated by contacting the Detail Coordinator at NOFD. If the tent is obtained (gifted or otherwise) from the Sheriff’s office, it still needs to go through the NOFD permit process and the Safety and Permits process if the size of the tent/canopy/temporary membrane structure falls within the guidelines below.


The only tent that does not require a permit is one used for recreational camping purposes.


  • Fees are determined by square footage and necessity of fire watch. Click here for more fire watch information. Fire watch fees are to be determined by the Plan Examiner
  • Please refer to the fee schedule for permit fees
  • In addition to the fire watch and permit fee, there is a 10% (of the total cost of the firewatch) administrative fee payable to the city

Required Documents

Completely fill out all applications and collect all documents listed below. Then, submit everything to the One Stop Shop, City Hall, 7th floor, 1300 Perdido St., New Orleans 70112

  • All tents, canopies and structures require:
    • Master Event Application
    • Supplement E - Tents
    • Submit a Certificate of Flame Resistance/Retardant for tent fabric. These are often included with the tent or can be obtained from the manufacturer
    • An approved minimal 2A10 BC fire extinguisher tagged and inspected by a local extinguisher company
    • Obtain a Letter from the property owner authorizing the use of the property, if the applicant is not the owner
    • Plot plan showing boundaries of the property and location and dimensions of the tent on the property with location and distance to the nearest fire hydrant, location of any cooking op­erations, and if seating will be used, the plot plan must show the seating arrangements
  • All tents, canopies and structures over 100 square feet (or those that have less than 12 ft. clearance between them) require (in addition to the above):
    • Designated fees, determined by the square footage of the structure and the necessity of a fire watch
    • An inspection, done the day of the event, to ensure compliance with all regulations
  • Tents, canopies and structures within the inner City fire limits (see below) or over 1,200 square feet require (in addition to the above):
    • The applicant to go through additional approval processes in addition to following all NOFD requirements. 
    • If your event has been reviewed by the Plan Examiner and Safety and Permits, they may require you to submit drawings for Plan Review, bearing the live seal of a Louisiana Registered Architect or Civil Engineer and a signed statement certifying that the tent installation is in compliance with NFPA 102, Chapter 8

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