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September 28, 2017

September's Neighborhood Leaders Roundtable

by Ross Hunter, Neighborhood Liaison
Filed under: capacity building, community, green

The Neighborhood Engagement Office hosted their quarterly Neighborhood Leaders Roundtable on Saturday, September 23rd in Ochsner Baptist’s Café De Lis. This year’s theme was Sustainable Water Management: Moving Forward with Resilience.

118 leaders from across the City attended this event. Mayor Mitch Landrieu was warmly received by the crowd as he spoke about sustainable water management, alluding to the many successes we’ve had and the challenges that we still have to face together in the years to come. The Mayor set the stage for an informative presentation from Deputy Mayor/Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Resilience Officer Jeff Hebert, who spoke at length about living with and managing water in our unique environment.

Resilience Outreach Manager, Charles Allen III, and Resilience Design Manager, Colleen McHugh, from the Office of Resilience and Sustainability then informed residents about green infrastructure and water management initiatives that are currently underway across the City. Following these presentations, leaders had the opportunity to ask some very pertinent questions on behalf of their communities.

Following the formal event, residents engaged with a range of green infrastructure and water management entities in the form of a resource fair that included: the Office of Resilience and Sustainability, NORA’s Green Infrastructure team, Water Wise, Urban Conservancy, Green Light New Orleans, Waggoner and Ball, and Topobox.

This event was truly a success, as residents left informed and ready to do their part in ensuring that together, we can achieve comprehensive water mitigation solutions across New Orleans.