Neighborhood Associations

The Neighborhood Association map is currently under construction. Please read the new guidelines on how to become a recognized Neighborhood Association and display your Neighborhood Association's information on our new map that will become public on this page in the coming weeks. All Neighborhood Associations are required to submit their information to the form, regardless if they have completed it in the past. Please click here to fill out the update form. 

How to Become a Recognized Neighborhood Association

Recognized Neighborhood Associations are community organizations formed by residents within a specific geographical area, typically a neighborhood or local community. The primary purpose of a Neighborhood Association is to facilitate communication, cooperation, and collective action among residents to address common concerns, enhance the quality of life, and promote the well-being of the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Associations are required to resubmit their information every two years to maintain their verification. A certificate of recognition from the Mayor will be provided after registration is completed. Keep us updated regarding your Neighborhood Association by completing our Neighborhood Association Information Update Form found below. In order to be officially recognized by The Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office (NEO) as a Neighborhood Association in the City of New Orleans, the following criteria must be met by interested applicants.

  • Registration: Neighborhood Association leadership should register their Neighborhood Association with the Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office by completing the Neighborhood Association Information Update Form below. Required information will include items such as Neighborhood Association name and boundaries, president’s name and contact info.
  • Host Meeting: Neighborhood Associations can host as many meetings as seen fit, but each Neighborhood Association is required to hold at least one general membership meeting per year. The NEO liaison for the area should also be invited to attend this meeting. NEO liaison information can be found at

After completing each step listed above, the Neighborhood Association will receive an email from the Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office that states all requirements have been met to be recognized as a Neighborhood Association. The information provided in the registration link will be available on the NEO webpage as public information within two weeks after all required steps have been completed. As a recognized Neighborhood Association, a mayoral certificate of recognition will be presented to the Neighborhood Association by the Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office.



Below is the list of Neighborhood Associations that have been verified by Neighborhood Engagement starting on June 8, 2024. If you have already submitted the update form above and don't see your Neighborhood Association below, please ensure all requirements have been met. Please note, it can take up to two weeks from completion for the website to be updated. 

  Neighborhood Association     Neighborhood    City   Council   District     Contact Name     Contact Email  
7th Ward Neighborhood Association Seventh Ward  D Dr. Mona Lisa Saloy
Algiers Point Association Algiers Point  C Sue Aspinwall
Audubon Riverside Neighborhood Association Audubon  A Tom Rey
Aurora Gardens Neighborhood Association Old Aurora  C Rob Zrabkowski
Bouligny Improvement Association West Riverside  B Molly K Vigour
Broadmoor Improvement Association Broadmoor  B Justin Boone
Bunny Friend Neighborhood Association Upper 9th Ward  D Katherine Prevost
Carrollton Riverbend Neighborhood Association & Carrollton United Leonidas  A Betty DiMarco and Julianna Padgett and
Central Carrollton Association East Carrollton  A Rich Arnold
Central City Faubourg Livaudais Neighborhood Association Central City  B Talva Burnette-Carlisle
Climana Neighborhood Association Milan  B Joseph E. Peychaud, Jr
Country Club Gardens Association Inc Lakeview  A Timothy P. Hurley
Delachaise Neighborhood Association Milan  B Donna Robertson
East New Orleans Neighborhood Advisory Commission (ENONAC) New Orleans East  E Dawn Hebert
Edgewood Heights Association Gentilly  D Priscilla Llopis
Faubourg Delachaise Neighborhood Association East Riverside  B P. Adam Kelly
Faubourg Lafayette Community Association Central City B Keely Lewis
Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association Marigny  C N/A
Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association Mid-City  A Andrew Ryan
Faubourg St. Roch Improvement Association St. Roch  D N/A N/A
Gentilly Terrace & Gardens Gentilly Terrace  D Jeannie Tidy
Gentilly Woods Subdivision Association Gentilly Woods D Elyria Zuniga
Hollygrove-Dixon Neighborhood Association Hollygrove-Dixon  A Kyle Walker
Huntlee Village Neighborhood Association Huntlee Village  C Christy Lynch
Irish Channel Neighborhood Association Irish Channel  B LaMont Hayes
Kingswood Improvement District Association Kingswood  E Melanie Thompson
Lake Carmel Subdivision Improvement District Little Woods  E Dr. Brenda Jackson
Lake Willow Homeowner Association Lake Willow  E Nakia Hooks
Lakeview Civic Improvement Association Lakeview  A Val Cupit
Lakewood Property Owner's Association Lakewood  A Michael S Shlenker
Melia Subdivision Association Melia  D Lavon Jackson
Mid-City Neighborhood Organization Mid-City  A Thomas Ecker
Milan Neighborhood Association Milan  B Virginia Baldwin
Milneburg Neighborhood Association Milneburg  D Mari Adler
Neighbors First for Bywater Bywater  C Dr. Julie Jones
New Marigny Neighborhood Association South 7th Ward/ New Marigny  C Steven Belflower
North Kenilworth Improvement and Security District/HOA North Kenilworth   E N/A
Pontchartrain Park Neighborhood Association Pontchartrain Park  D Michael Carey
Real Timbers Property Owners' Association Algiers  C Dr. Gail Thomas-Batiste
River Triangle Association Audubon  A N/A N/A
Together Gert Town Gert Town  B Candes Carter
Versailles Protective Association Versailles Blvd  A Lee Bressler
Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents & Associates French Quarter  C Erin Holmes
Villa Sites/South Shores Subdivision Villa Sites/South Shores  E Ann N. Legaux
Village de l'Est Improvement Association Village De L'est  E Edward Blouin
Walnut Bend Walnut Bend  C Yvonne Mitchell Grubb