Management Services Division

Facilitating Appeal Proceedings

The Management Services Division oversees managing formal appeal procedures sought by civil service employees regarding disputes on qualification status for hiring, promotions or continued tenure. 

Dedicated staff schedule hearings, compile supporting cases files, issue subpoenas, document rulings and handle any ancillary proceedings requirements so appellants access due process efficiently seeking impartial ruling resolutions. Knowledgeable personnel also guide proper protocols navigating the appeal system lifecycle constructively.

Reach out Directly Monday-Friday to Connect With:  

Personnel Administrator, Doddie Smith 
Email: | Phone: 504-658-3543

Appeals Specialist, Stacie Joseph
Email: | Phone: 504-658-3509  

Executive Counsel, Christina Carroll
Email: | Phone: 504-658-3510

Together we can determine optimal next steps specific to your workplace dispute or general inquiry on representation options. Customer service shows compassion so you feel heard, understood and supported regardless of final determinations.