Recruitment and Selection Division

Fulfilling Critical Personnel Staffing Needs

The Employment Division plays an indispensable role identifying and onboarding civil service talent to support 100+ City of New Orleans agencies' delivery of vital public services.

Our staff manage the end-to-end hiring workflow - screening applicant materials with care to surface best-fits, administering/scoring skills assessments benchmarking readiness, structuring consideration lists of eligible candidates legally based on score-based merit and verified status, and thoughtfully partnering with appointing authorities to fill vacant positions efficiently or create opportunities developing existing talent.

How to Apply

Click here for online application instructions as well as other helpful information regarding educational requirements and how Civil Service gives credit for previous work experience.

Online Hiring Guide 

The purpose of this user guide is to provide appointing authorities with policies and procedures to carry out personnel transactions in keeping with the requirements established by the Personnel Director, Civil Service Rules, and the Louisiana State Constitution.  This guide is intended to assist departmental Human Resources Managers with the entire requisition life cycle from requisition creation to hire.  This guide contains information regarding how to complete and route requisitions, view applications of qualified candidates, and complete personnel transactions.  Click here to access this resource.