Application Process


In order to perform work to the exterior of a building located in a historic district you must complete the application process required by the Historic District Landmarks Commission. The steps are as follows:

  1. LOCATE your property on the map and determine if it is in a historic district.
  2. Review the HDLC GUIDELINES for work to the exterior of a property located in a local historic district. 
  3. Apply for a building permit online at: to begin the permitting process. If you can't apply online, APPLY by downloading the Building Permit application form, complete it and submit it at on the 7th floor, City Hall, 1300 Perdido Street.  Note: You must file for a Building Permit in order to obtain a CofA. 
    1. Review the HDLC Design Guidelines related to the items you are applying for.
    2. Make an itemized list of EVERYTHING on the exterior you plan to work on, even if it is just repairing what is there.
    3. Be specific! Each item should include the location of the item, existing materials, proposed materials (if different from what is existing)
      • Example Roof Replacement
        Remove existing asbestos shingle roof
        Install GAF Timberline asphalt/fiberglass roof shingles in Charcoal Grey color
        Remove existing ridge tiles and salvage for reinstallation
        Reinstall salvaged ridge tiles
      • Window Replacement Example
        Remove rotted, existing, wood, 2/2 windows at both sides (see attached photos)
        Install new, vinyl, 1/1 windows within existing trim
    4. Include photographs of items to be replaced due to poor condition 
  4. Obtain all other required PERMITS

Process Workflow and Timeline

Navigating the HDLC

View a free course designed to help property owners understand the HDLC application process and avoid the common frustrations and pitfalls experienced by some applicants. This course will provide the knowledge and tools property owners need to smoothly navigate the process. Taught by HDLC Deputy Director Eleanor Burke, this class provides an opportunity for property owners to ask questions and learn more about how to work through the HDLC process.