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Civil Service positions are divided into Promotional and Original Entrance announcements. For information on how to apply please visit our Applying page.

The City of New Orleans and Sewerage and Water Board offer excellent benefits to employees.  Information regarding City benefits can be found here.  For information on the benefits offered by Sewerage and Water Board click here

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Ready to take your career with the City of New Orleans to the next level? Check out promotional opportunities available exclusively to current employees. Advance your skills, responsibilities, and impact by applying for higher-level positions within your department or across the organization. The City is committed to supporting the growth and development of our talented workforce. We encourage all employees to explore promotional job openings and pursue their professional goals.

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New Police Civilian Positions

NOPD is hiring for a number of civilian positions.  Click here to for details and to apply for these positions. 

Promotional Opportunity

  • You can apply for these jobs if you already work in a classified City of New Orleans Civil Service position.
  • You must have permanent status, sometimes probationary status is allowed.
  • You must be working in a lower job classification.
  • If you are working in a higher job classification, check with the agency about a voluntary demotion.

Candidate Study Guide for Promotional Exams

If you are applying for a public-safety promotional examination, refer to this study guide.  This guide will help you prepare for your exam more effectively.

Fire Recruit Study Guide

Click here for an audio study guide for the position of Fire Recruit. 

Original Entrance Opportunities

  • Anyone who believes he/she meets the posted qualifications can apply for these jobs.

Equal Employment Opportunity is the law and the City of New Orleans does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, creed, culture, or ancestry.  Requests for accommodation or alternate format should be directed to Amy Trepagnier, (504) 658-3516 or TTY/VOICE at (504) 586-4475.

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