How to Apply



Apply online. Click here to view job postings and apply online.  A valid email address is required for all online applications. For step by step instructions on how to apply click here.


  • Be specific, especially on previous work experience.
  • Verification of previous employment with a letter from previous employer(s) or a W-2 (Income Tax) form(s) may be required.
  • The application review and testing process may take several weeks.
  • You must meet the minimum qualifications requirements to be considered for hire or promotion.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

You must meet the minimum qualification requirements for both promotional and original entrance jobs.  They will be listed on the job announcement.

  • Some job counselors may tell you to apply for a position even if you don’t qualify. You should only apply for jobs for which you believe you meet all of the posted qualifications.
  • If education can be substituted for experience, or vice versa, this will be stated on the announcement.
  • Partial credit may be given for part time work experience.
  • Volunteer experience is not accepted unless specifically stated on the job announcement.
  • If you have any questions about the minimum requirements please call 504-658-3500.

Documents Required

  • You must have an original diploma or official, sealed transcript for the education requirement.
  • Original licenses or certifications may also be required.  Make sure it is current, and has not expired. We do not keep licenses.
  • We do not accept photocopies of diplomas or licenses.
  • Applicants with foreign college degrees must submit a statement of educational equivalency from one of the evaluation services accepted by the Department of Civil Service. A list of the accepted evaluation services can be found on the National Association of Credential Evacuation Services (NACES) website (

Testing Methods

  • There are three methods of testing:
    • Written tests
    • Oral tests, and
    • Ratings of training and experience – scores based on job experience and education.
  • We may use one method or a combination of two or more.
  • Certain job classifications may include other screening methods such as psychological or medical exams, agility tests, or performance tests.
  • The methods to be used will be stated on the examination announcements.


  • Write your address clearly so we can notify you.
  • Notify our office should you change your address.
  • In most cases you will receive an email with instructions on how to self-schedule for testing.

Test Results

  • You will be notified by email or mail of your test results. They will be a grade/score or a band number.
  • If you receive a band number, you are considered tied with all applicants in the same band.
  • For open ended job postings, your place on the eligibility list could rise or fall every time an examination is given or when someone is hired from the list.
  • If you want to improve your test scores, you must wait the prescribed waiting time before taking the test again.  The waiting period is six (6) months unless otherwise noted on the job announcement.   The position must be open (posted) in order for you to retest.


  • To find out where you are on the eligibility list contact our Certification Office at (504) 658-3545.