Zoning Interpretations of the Director

The Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) provides authority to the Director of Safety and Permits to issue interpretive opinions on the text and application of the CZO, which are included below.

Property- or project-specific interpretations are typically done either through the review comments generated during a permit or license application review, via an email interpretation, or as a Zoning Verification for a specific property. For general interpretations of the CZO, the Director of Safety and Permits will typically issue an interpretive memorandum.

Interpretations of the CZO

(4,264 MCS, as amended by 26,413 MCS)

Z-15-02 - Interpretation of Building Design Standards found in Article 15, Section 15.3(B)(1)(a),

Z-16-01 - Resubdivision Allowing Expansion of Non-Conforming Spatial Conditions.

Z-16-02 - Classic Sign Designation pursuant to Section 24.15 Classic Signs.  (Replaced by Z-22-01)

Z-17-01 - Application of Section 22.8.B Relative to Applicability of Underlying District Standards.

Z-17-02 - Parkway (Street) Tree Requirements for Development and Redevelopment of Property.

Z-17-03 - Exemptions and Limitations on Parking Spaces in Districts where Accessory Parking is not required.

Z-17-04 - Definition for the terms "Bedroom" or "Guest Room."

Z-17-05 - Definition for the term "Party of Guests."

Z-17-06 - Classification of Residential Care Facilities for purposes of applying Bulk and Yard Regulations of the underlying zoning district.

Z-18-01 - Definition for the term "minor" relative to Section 4.7 of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.

Z-18-02 - Definition of Customary Lodging Services included in the definition of “Hotel/Motel” in Chapter 26 of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Z-18-03 - State Licensure Requirements for Independent Living Facilities Required By the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Z-18-04 - Definition of "Principal Bed and Breakfasts" in Multi-Family Dwellings

Z-19-01 - Definition of "Private Walkway"

Z-19-02 - Interpretation of Legal Non-Conforming Status of Properties with More Than Two Commercial Properties 

Z-19-03 - Interpretation of Applying Floor-Area-Based Exemptions to Non-Floor Area Parking Requirements

Z-19-04 - Interpretation of Transient Dwelling Uses

Z-19-05 - Interpretation of Legal Non-Conforming Status of Properties with Accessory or Commercial Short Term Rental Licenses in Place before December 1, 2019

Z-20-01 - Interpretation of Historic Urban Non-Residential Districts determination of front yard setback where adjacent average is greater than 5 feet

Z-20-02 - Kitchen Facilities Requirements in Dwelling Units

Z-20-03 - Clarification on Prohibition of Certain Accessory Structures in Certain Portions of the Buildable Area 

Z-21-01 - Applying CZO Requirements for "Debulking" a Tax Parcel into Two of More Lots

Z-21-02 – Clarification on Regulations for Freestanding Ice Storage Machines

Z 21-03 – Application of Prescription Regulations on Non-Conforming Uses

Z-21-04 – COVID-19 Related Impacts on Non-Conforming Uses (RESCINDED by Z-22-04)

Z-21-05 - Outdoor Live Entertainment Regulations in the CZO

Z-22-01 - Classic Sign Designation Pursuant to Section 24.15 Classic Signs, Revised.

Z-22-02 - Joint Listing of STRs on STR Platforms

Z-22-03 - Commercial STR Permitting in Light of BZA 008-22

Z-22-04 - Non-Conforming Uses Under La. R.S. 33:4882, as amended (Act 699)

Z-22-05 - Revision of Commercial STR Permitting pursuant to Z-22-03 as a result of BZA 047-22

Z-24-01 - Bed and Breakfasts and Non-Commercial Short-Term Rentals


Interpretations of the Former CZO

(4,264 MCS, as amended)

Z-13-01 - Interpretation of Section 18.61 of the CZO, as it related to building heights within 30' of a right of way and the minimum height requirements for all structures.

Z-13-02 - Interpretation of Section 14.6.2 with respect to Variances Setback Standards of Section 11.62.

Z-13-03 - Interpretation of Section 7.3.3 of the CZO with Respect to a Cement Batching Plant as a Permitted Use within the LI - Light Industrial Zoning District.

Z-13-04 - Digital Conversion of Existing Legally Non-Conforming General Advertising Signs.

Z-13-05 - Interpretation of the relationship between Section 7.3.3 and Section 11.15 of the CZO with respect to Supplementary Use Standards for Batching Plants for Asphalt or Concrete.

Z-14-01 - Interpretation of the permissibility of development over property lines and public rights-of-way.

Z-14-02 - Determination of Zoning Designations Square 124, Fourth Municipal District, bounded by Magazine, Harmony, Constance, and 9th Streets.

Z-14-03 - Authority of the Board of Zoning Adjustments to Vary the Standards of Section 1.4 of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance with respect to properties bearing the LRS-1, Lakeview Single-Family Residential Zoning Designation.

Z-15-01 - Interpretation of the Authority of the Board of Zoning Adjustments with Respect to Off-Street Loading Spaces within the Central Business District.