Occupational Licenses

The Zoning Division is responsible for the review and approval of new occupational licenses for all businesses in the City of New Orleans. There are two major categories for occupational licenses: those operating at a commercial location, and home-based businesses operating from the business owner's residence.

Documentation Required

The type of document(s) that are required for an occupational license depend on the location and the type of business that is proposed. The Zoning Division has produced several guides to assist business owners in identifying all the requirements of the occupational license they require:

How to Apply

Apply for an occupational license via the One Stop App.

Any questions or status updates can be addressed to BusinessLicenseInfo@nola.gov 

Review Process

Once an application is submitted, it is assigned to an inspector (commercial locations only, not home-based businesses). An inspector should conduct an on site inspection in approximately one week.

After the inspection, the license reviewer will view the inspection photos, the permit and license history for that space, and requirements for the proposed business. If all the requirements have been met, the license will be approved. If additional information is required, an email will be sent to the applicant.

Occupational license review times vary based on volume and staffing, but it typically takes approximately 5 business days to receive comments from an inspection.

Once an occupational license application is approved by the Zoning Division, the application is sent to the Bureau of Revenue for final approval. Once approved, the applicant will be required to pay a $50 fee to receive a temporary occupational license (plus a $190 Certificate of Occupancy fee if a home-based business). After 30 days, the applicant will have to submit revenue information to the Bureau of Revenue to receive their permanent license for the remainder of the year. The required form will be included with the temporary occupational license, and can be sent to revenue@nola.gov.

To find the current status of a submitted application, please visit the One Stop App.


Safety and Permits only reviews new occupational license applications. Businesses are required to renew their licenses annually at the beginning of the year with the Bureau of Revenue.

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