Zoning Administration

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What's my property zoned?

To find out what a particular property is zoned, the City's Property Viewer at property.nola.gov can provide information on zoning district, overlays, and other property-specific information that may impact development, redevelopment, or use of a property.

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

The City's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) is administered through the Department of Safety and Permits. For the complete text of the CZO, please visit czo.nola.gov, maintained by the City Planning Commission.


Zoning Enforcement

The Zoning Division is responsible for enforcement of the regulations in the CZO. For more information on the enforcement process, or to find out how to file a complaint, please visit the Zoning Enforcement Page.

Zoning Interpretations

The Zoning Division is responsible for interpreting the text and application of the CZO. To find existing interpretation memos or to find out how to request an interpretation, please go to the Zoning Interpretation Page.

Zoning Verifications

The Zoning Division is responsible for providing Zoning Verification letters:

  • To formally verify the zoning of a specific property
  • To make determinations for Established Multi-Family Dwellings
  • To determine if a tax parcel can be "debulked" into multiple lots
  • To make grandfathered parking determinations
  • To make other specific property-specific use or project determinations

For more information on how to request a verification, please visit the Zoning Verification Page.

Non-Conforming Use Determinations

A property use that previously complied with an older version of the CZO but does not comply with the current CZO's regulations is considered a Non-Conforming Use (NCU). Before the department can issue a permit, approve a license, or assign an address, a NCU determination is required. For more information on how to apply, please visit the Non-Conforming Use Determination Page.

Permit Review

The Zoning Division is responsible for reviewing building permits for compliance with the CZO. this is done as part of the normal permit review process (no special zoning application is required, only a building permit application). To find more information on building permit applications, please visit the Permit Page. To apply for a building permit, please visit the One Stop App.

Inclusionary Zoning

Residential developments with 10 or more units in certain parts of New Orleans are required to set aside a percentage of units for affordable housing, which is known as Inclusionary Zoning (IZ). In addition, residential projects in most of the city can seek development bonuses by providing some affordable housing units as part of their development. For more information on mandatory and voluntary IZ, please visit the Inclusionary Zoning Page.

Occupational Licenses

The Zoning Divison is responsible for processing, inspecting, and approving occupational licenses for new businesses. You can reach our occupational license staff at BusinessLicenseInfo@nola.gov.

For more information on new business occupational license requirements and how to apply, please visit the Occupational License Page.

To renew an existing occupational license, visit the Occupational License Renewal Page, or contact the Bureau of Revenue at revenue@nola.gov.

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Alcoholic Beverage Outlets (ABO)

For every business that sells alcoholic beverages, an Alcoholic Beverage Outlet (ABO) license is required. The Zoning Division is responsible for processing and approving both new ABO applications and ABO renewals. For more information on the ABO license requirements, process, and how to apply, please visit our Alcoholic Beverage Outlet Pages: New ABO Applications and ABO Renewals. You can also contact our ABO team at abo@nola.gov.


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For Occupational Licenses email: businesslicenseinfo@nola.gov

For ABO licenses and manager licenses email: abo@nola.gov    

For Live Entertainment licenses email: liveentertainment@nola.gov:

For General Zoning Questions & Non-Conforming Use Request email: zoningadministrator@nola.gov:

To Report A Zoning Violations or request a status update email: zoningviolations@nola.gov:

For Booting Complaints or to dispute a boot issued on private property Email:  privatebooting@nola.gov

For Zoning permit status updates / email requested documents for permit:  zoningpermits@nola.gov