Professional Standards & Accountability Bureau

The Professional Standards & Accountability Bureau includes the Information Systems Section, Performance Standards Section, Policy Standards Section, and the Consent Decree Implementation Section.

Consent Decree Implementation Section

The Consent Decree Implementation Section serves as the liaison between the City of New Orleans, including the Police Department, and the United States Department of Justice and the Office of the Consent Decree Monitor, coordinating compliance and implementation actions and facilitating the sharing of data, documents, materials and access among the various personnel and parties related to the Consent Decree.

Information Systems Section

The Information Systems Section analyzes crime patterns, produces statistical data for the Department’s weekly C.O.M.S.T.A.T. meeting, oversees the use of body worn cameras, supports the use of in-car cameras, and provides installation and support of portable laptop computers installed in police vehicles.

Performance Standards Section

The Performance Standards Section ensures members of the department are operating in compliance with the department's rules, regulations, orders, and policies. In addition, the Performance Standards Section conducts employee drug testing, assures required court appearances, conducts random report reviews, and implements citizen satisfaction surveys.

Policy Standards Section

The Policy Standards Section develops and implements all department regulations, orders, policies and rules. In addition, the Policy Standards Section is responsible for disseminating the department’s annual hurricane operations manual, national law enforcement legal developments, and daily training bulletins.