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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Policing Data Reports

NOPD policing data reports offer insight into investigations and policies regarding calls for service, field interviews, use of force, sexual assault, domestic violence, community engagement, crisis intervention and more. 

Calls for Service

Calls For Service are the events captured in NOPD's Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system used to facilitate incident response.








Stop and Search (Field Interview Cards)

The purpose of these reports is to summarize the stop and search data collected for the past year, analyze that data, and articulate the steps taken to correct any problems identified or to build on success.




Electronic Police Reports

All Police Reports filed by NOPD officers including incident and supplemental reports containing the item number, location, disposition, signal, charges, offender race, offender gender, offender age, victim age, victim gender, and victim race. Police Reports can be updated when subsequent information is determined as a result of an investigation. In order to protect the privacy of victims, addresses are shown at the block level.









Use of Force

The New Orleans Police Department’s policy is to value and preserve human life while exercising lawful authority to use force. New Orleans police officers are required to use the minimum amount of force that an objectively reasonable officer would use in light of the circumstances to effectively bring an incident or person under control, while protecting the lives of the officer and others.

Body Camera Metadata

This dataset represents the metadata related to body worn camera videos recorded by the New Orleans Police Department.


Misconduct Complaints

This dataset represents complaints of misconduct originated by a citizen either directly to NOPD or through the IPM or by an employee of the Police Department per NOPD Misconduct Complaint Intake and Investigation policy. This dataset includes reports of misconduct including initial reports that may be subject to change through the review process. 


In-car Camera Metadata

This dataset represents the metadata describing the process of moving in-car camera videos recorded by the New Orleans Police Department from the server to DVDs in order to free up storage space.


Bias-Free Policing

The purpose of these reports is to “assess all NOPD programs, initiatives, and activities to ensure that [they are not] administered in a manner that discriminates against individuals on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.”

Sexual Assault

NOPD agrees to train supervisors and investigators in the Sex Crimes unit in the proper definitions and application of “unfounded,” “false,” and “baseless” classifications in the context of sexual assault. The immediate supervisor in the Sex Crimes Unit and the Special Victims Section Commander shall closely review and approve in writing any decision to classify a report as “unfounded.” NOPD agrees to track each of these conclusions separately in NOPD’s CCMS and publicly report them on at least a semi-annual basis

Domestic Violence

NOPD agrees to track dispositions of domestic violence investigations, including arrests and acceptance or refusal by the DA. NOPD further agrees to make a reasonable effort to enter into Memoranda of Understanding with appropriate agencies to track information related to the outcomes of domestic violence cases, including whether the case was ultimately dismissed, resulted in a plea agreement, or tried, and the final verdict or outcome of the trial. NOPD agrees to track dual arrests and domestic violence arrests by gender. NOPD agrees to publicly report this data on at least an annual basis

Community Engagement

The purpose of these reports is to assess the effectiveness of NOPD's community partnership and problem-solving strategies in accordance with Consent Decree. 


The Recruitment Unit will annually report its recruiting activities and outcomes, including the number of applicants, interviewees, and selectees, and the extent to which the Recruitment Unit has been able to recruit applicants with needed skills, such as problem-solving abilities or fluency in Spanish or Vietnamese, and a discussion of any challenges to recruiting highly qualified applicants.


NOPD agrees to document all training provided to or received by NOPD officers, whether required or otherwise. Officers shall sign an acknowledgment of attendance or digitally acknowledge completion of training. NOPD shall report training delivered and received annually.

Crisis Intervention Team

The Crisis Intervention Team program, which will train officers to properly assess and de-escalate incidents involving mental health crises, will begin in 2015. As such, there are no findings for 2014. NOPD will publish partial-year data in the 2015 Annual Report.

Public Integrity Bureau Annual Report

Public Integrity Bureau (PIB) shall include in its annual report a summary of each misconduct complaint, including a description of the allegation, the final approved disposition, and any discipline imposed. PIB’s annual report shall also include aggregate misconduct data showing the number of each type of complaint and the number and rate of sustained cases after final approval, and shall provide an analysis of this data that identifies trends and concerns and documents NOPD’s response to the identified trends and concerns

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