NOHD Mission and Vision Statements

Jennifer Avegno, M.D., Director


To promote, protect, and improve the health of all in our community through equitable policies, programs, and partnerships.


Building a healthy and equitable New Orleans by supporting the well-being of everyone in the region.


Our values are the principles that guide how the New Orleans Health Department’s team members approach our work and interactions with one another, partner organizations, and community members. 

  • Integrity – We strive to conduct ourselves in an ethical and accountable manner that ensures we are good stewards of public resources.
  • Responsiveness – We work collaboratively and respond to the needs and feedback of one another, partner organizations, and community members. 
  • Excellence- We deliver high-quality public health services and programs with compassion and respect, with the goal of achieving better health outcomes for all people in New Orleans.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – We actively welcome, include, and value the input of people with different identifies and experiences on our staff, as partners, and among those we serve.
  • Health Equity – We strive to deliver programs and services that reduce inequities in our community and ensure every person in New Orleans has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible.