New Orleans Sound Check

The New Orleans Health Department is engaging the public in a "Sound Check" campaign designed to protect the health of workers, patrons, and residents from hazardous sound levels. 

Did you know?

In addition to permanently damaging your hearing, loud sounds increase health risks to the community by disrupting sleep in a way that can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease, even if you are used to a sound.

How do I stay safe?

Tips to protect your ears from loud sounds

Know the sound level

Download a mobile noise meter such as NoiseWatch to monitor the sound.

Know the length of exposure

Keep track of how long you have been listening to any loud sound and follow the recommended time limits for how long to listen to that sound.

Position yourself

Avoid being directly in front of a loud sound source.

Wear hearing protection correctly

Invest in properly fitting ear plugs or covers. Check out these instructions on how to fit foam ear plugs.

See a hearing specialist

If you are employed in the live music industry, see an audiologist once a year.


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