Local Resources

Below are some resources to help residents who are experiencing homelessness, need assistance or want to get involved:

Addiction Services

This is a list of services and programs that focus on mental health and addiction recovery.

Food Support

This is a list of soup kitchens, food pantries, and government assistance services that are available in New Orleans. 

General Resources

This is a list of multiple services in New Orleans that include medical services, shelters, government assistance, and more. 

How to help the homeless

This guide explains some safe ways that residents can help people experiencing homelessness in New Orleans.

Rebuild Center

The Rebuild Center is a centralized services site where people can come and get help from different service providers. The flyer lists the providers that are present, the services they offer, and the dates and times of these services. 


UNITY of Greater New Orleans works with local partners to connect people to housing and other homeless services. For those who want help, call UNITY at 504-570-9812. 


VIA LINK is a website that connects people to the help they need and offers training and opportunities to those who want to get involved in their communities.