Smoke Free Ordinance Guidance for Hotel


New Orleans has joined almost 700 cities nationwide in going smoke-free. In April 2015, a new comprehensive smoke-free ordinance went into effect.  In addition to smoking restrictions that already existed under state law, it created new restrictions on smoking and vaping (use of electronic smoking devices) in many locations across the city. All hotels and motels within Orleans Parish are subject to this ordinance.

Where is Smoking and Vaping Prohibited?

Under the ordinance, smoking and vaping is prohibited in all indoor areas of hotels and motels, including lobbies, common areas, conference and meeting rooms, private offices, hallways, elevators, stairs, restrooms, pool areas, and 100% of guest rooms.

In addition, smoking and vaping is prohibited in outdoor areas that are considered to be “enclosed.” An area is considered enclosed if it is bounded by two or more walls (or other barriers) and a ceiling. There is no restriction on other outdoor areas.


Steps to Implement the Ordinance

  • Inform your staff that you have adopted a smoke-free policy. Explain their role in enforcing the policy and notifying guests. Train your staff on how you want them to handle violations.
  • Post signs on your property to let everyone know about the new policy. Be sure to notify your regular guests when they check in. Model signage is available here.
  • If you have designated outdoor smoking areas, make sure they are marked and have appropriate cigarette receptacles.

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Converting Your Smoking Rooms

Many of the chemicals found in secondhand smoke are very sticky. As a result, secondhand smoke residue can be extremely difficult to remove. Here are some steps you might try as you convert rooms:

  • Replace pillows and all damaged linens. If you plan to keep linens, wash them with a bleach solution.
  • Steam clean mattresses or consider replacing mattresses.
  • Dry clean the curtains; sometimes it is necessary to double dry-clean curtains and other fabrics.
  • Deep clean carpets and other upholstered items; if this does not work, replace the carpet, carpet padding, and upholstery.

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How to Enforce the Smoke-free Policy in Your Hotel

  • Post smoke‐free signage prominently in all rooms.
  • Train all associates have to respond to potential violations of the policy. For example, housekeepers are trained to observe signs of smoking in the hotel.
  • Remind guests at the time of booking and upon arrival at the hotel that smoking is not permitted inside the building.
  • Send guests a pre-arrival email notifications including a reference to the policy.

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The Health Department is available to assist you in this process and answer any questions.          Phone: 311 or (877) 286-6431     Email: