Tree Preservation Study

Adopted Study

The City Planning Commission adopted the recommendations of the Tree Preservation Study at its November 10, 2020 public hearing.  To view the final study, please select the link below:

Tree Preservation Study ADOPTED

Study Information

The City Planning Commission has authorized a “Tree Preservation Study” to inform potential new strategies and regulations for the preservation and planting of trees on both public and private property.  The Study will include an assessment of current conditions, current regulations, discussion of benefits, best practices, literature/information sources review, stakeholder meetings, public input, and recommendations. 

Based on the City’s Master Plan, the following goals have been developed:

  1. Promote and expand New Orleans’ urban forest to reach 50% tree canopy by 2030.
  2. Promote tree preservation and planting on private property.
  3. Establish criteria for “heritage trees” to inform future development; identify heritage trees as those trees of native species, significant caliper (top 20%), located along public corridors.  Use additional criteria as appropriate.  Consider additional protections for qualifying trees and appropriate incentives for their retention.
  4. Explore regulatory options for the retention, replacement and enhancement of the landscaping and live oak canopies characteristic of New Orleans, providing for complete protection of trees and landscaping during private and public construction, and power line maintenance and construction work by public utilities.
  5. Promote a diversity of tree planting species and speeds of growth

Study Timeline

October 2019 Study Requested by CPC
Mon, October 5, 2020 Deadline for Public Comment
Tues, September 22, 2020 Study Released
Tues, October 13, 2020 CPC Public Hearing