University Area Parking Study

Study Information

On March 5, 2020, the City Council directed the City Planning Commission to conduct a public hearing and formal study to determine appropriate parameters, regulations, and requirements for parking in the Uptown University Area (generally bounded by Saint Charles Avenue, South Carrollton Avenue, Claiborne Avenue, and Broadway Street); ensuring that any future amendments to the CZO (via an overlay) to address parking requirement in this area are fully researched to properly balance the institutional, commercial and residential uses that are currently exceeding available on-street parking, to create parking requirements that adequately address the needs of residents, including but not limited to:

  • A review of similar cities with urban neighborhoods adjacent to universities or other institutional uses and their proposed zoning/parking regulations;
  • increasing off-street parking requirements for tw0- and multi-family buildings, particularly when bedrooms are added to existing structures;
  • permitting owners and developers of multi-family buildings to rent or lease off-street space from nearby properties;
  • permitting residential parking lots that service residential areas "by-right" in residential zones adjacent to institutional uses; and
  • creating a permit for residents to park on the street in such a way as to block their own driveway.

Study Documents