Riverfront Overlay Design Standards and Height Limit Increases Study


On December 15, 2016, the City Council passed Motion M-16-605 which directed the City Planning Commission to conduct a public hearing and study to (1) recommend whether height, density, and massing bonuses along the east bank of the River in exchange for heightened development standards, as currently contemplated in Section 18.13.G of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance are appropriate and consistent with the Master Plan; and (2) recommend appropriate bonuses and other best practices to incentivize quality developments along the riverfront in a manner consistent with the Master plan; specifically contemplating the following boundaries:

The area bounded by Esplanade Avenue, a line extending from the centerline of Esplanade Avenue between North Peters and the center line of the Mississippi River, the Mississippi River, the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal, a line extending from the centerline of Chartres Street between Poland Avenue and the center of the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal, Chartres Street, St. Ferdinand Street, Decatur Street, Elysian Fields Avenue, Chartres Street, the rear property line of lots with any frontage on Elysian Fields Avenue, Decatur Street, Frenchmen Street, and Decatur Street on the east bank of the Mississippi.